Create your own wall.


Enjoy the power of expression with a single  image or  a combination of several pieces. The selection of over 300 images was a deep creative process and it reflects a selection of our gallery art collection.


The focus was always on the pictures when we start 

the project and therefore the expression shoud be 

in the  foreground and not the name.


Be brave to create unconventional image 

arrangements , sometimes without a clear concept, just emotionally and based on instinct. So you will ceate an exciting effect on allviewers.


But most important: have fun and you will get

„a happy wall“.

The Details

How to create pictures like this

Image are printed on brushed aluminium structured with metal effect.

All pictures can be optimally combined as they all have something in common:

they are printed on brushed aluminium structured with metal effect.

Use it as decorative single picture or create your impressive art combination.

All pictures have the size  Size: 40cm x 40cm (15,75 x 15,75) inch, which makes them both eye-catching as a single image, but also in a double or triple version.